Ex-Pakistani captain slammed for ‘low-end’ remarks against India

Former Pakistani skipper Mohammad Hafeez has come under fire on social media after making bizarre remarks about India’s cricket team during an ongoing Asian Cup TV debate on Friday. The ex-Pakistani all-rounder claimed it was because of the Cricket Control Board in India (BCCI) financial superpower, that the Men in Blue are getting special treatment around the world. Mohammad Hafeez’s opinion, however, was not appreciated by Indian fans on social media, as they lambasted the retired Pakistani cricket star for his comments on India ruled by Rohit Sharma.

“I don’t know much, but I know very well that in our society, the one who earns income is loved by everyone, is the most laadla (pampered), receives the most kisses from everyone,” said Mohammad Hafeez during a chat on PTV Sports.

“India is a revenue-generating country. So even in bilateral series around the world, where they get a sponsorship, they get a jackpot, it’s hard to deny those things,” Hafeez added.

The show host asked Hafeez if he called India ‘laadlas’ because Rohit Sharma and company were among the most dominant teams in world cricket in all formats or because they made millions due to the popularity of the sport in the country.

Mohammad Hafeez said he believed it was because India made more money than any other nation from cricket.

His choice of words, however, did not sit well with netizens who ripped him off on Twitter.

“Mr Hafeez, go to Australia and win 2 rounds of Testing. Then your team will be ladla as well. Maintain respect and avoid these cheap comments,” said an Indian cricket fan.

“Don’t worry dear Indians, he makes such bizarre claims about INDIA just to get the limelight. Pakistani Journalists, Channels, YouTubers and ex-Cricketers generate money by promoting India. INDIA or bashing her. So relax and laugh at such statements,” a second explained.

“Shame on you, who called you ‘teacher’…even a rikshawala will speak better than you. You also know India play good cricket,” said a third.

“Hafeez complains about the performance of Indian cricket after being dropped for the 100th time by a much less successful team. A sorry career, a sorry face, a sorry country,” said a fourth.

“I thought Hafeez was a real Pakistan cricketer. I didn’t expect such kind of statements from you,” noted a fifth.

“I never expected these kind of comments from you. I always thought you were a good guy, but from now on I have no respect for you. Shame on you,” said a sixth.

“India don’t play cricket well according to Hafeez. Meanwhile, India is the only team to have won the t20 series in all SENA countries in the last 3 years,” a seventh pointed out.

As of 2015, India have played 13 games against Pakistan in which India have won 11, Pakistan have won 2. India is currently the only team in the world to be in the top 3 in all formats. India will win both the Asian Cup and the World Cup this year under the management of Rohit Sharma,” an eighth insisted.

“Better cricket?” Pakistan won the last test in SA-2007
won the last series of tests in Eng-1997
won the last test match in Australia-1995
won the last ODI series in eng-1974
won last ODI series in AUS-2002
won last ODI series in NZ-2011
but… but… better cricket? asked a ninth sarcastically.

A day earlier, Mohammad Hafeez had drawn ire from Indian fans after mocking Rohit Sharma’s captaincy in the Asian Cup competition in the UAE.

“You see Rohit Sharma’s expression after winning the match. This expression happened after India won by 40 points. I had talked about Rohit Sharma’s body language, when he came out to throw, he looked weak, he looked scared and confused. I can’t see Rohit Sharma, who I’ve observed in games playing amazing innings. I think the captaincy puts a lot of pressure on Rohit. He faces a lot of difficulties,” he said.

“How logical to judge someone’s captaincy by their expression, seriously. The guy who has five IPL titles, the Asian Cup, many series, and who judges him by his expression? Sir, this expression may also be due to exhaustion as cricketers play matches with extreme weather conditions at venues and field 20 overs as well as the captain as well,” one Twitter user commented in response to his review. by Rohit Sharma.

“Stop embarrassing yourself, you got choked up in the semi-finals against Sri Lanka when you were captain,” another wrote on the microblogging platform.

“Those who have seen Rohit Sharma up close over the years will never say these things. He was always like that and not expressive like Kohli! But yeah, last game he was a little upset because of the Indian bowling, I guess,” one Indian cricket fan concluded.

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