Elon Musk under pressure, promises advertisers to prevent Twitter from becoming a “free-for-all hellscape”

Elon Musk has promised advertisers to protect his new purchase, Twitter from becoming a “free-for-all hellscape”.

Ad agencies have begun to worry about Musk’s leadership over how he will handle the spread of misinformation and hate.

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The misinformation and hate issues started with Musk’s tweet about the attack on Paul Pelosi. Other issues include the increased cost of a Twitter subscription and the consideration of half as many ads. It’s hard for advertisers to contact anyone, as many ad and sales executives reigned supreme after Musk’s takeover.

As CEO for a week, Elon Musk is already under intense pressure to assure advertisers that the microblogging platform will generate more than $5 billion each year, after declaring his aversion to ads in 2019.

Media buyers told Reuters they would not meet Musk until he gave clear guidance on how Twitter works and how it will benefit advertisers. Another media buyer said he had already started freeing up his ad spend on Twitter due to concerns about content abuse.

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One of them is IPG, a source close to the ad company said the company has asked customers like Coca-Cola to pause its advertising on Twitter.

To get a clear view of users, Musk polled Wednesday, October 2, on what advertisers support, free speech or political provocations. In the survey, more than 80% of them chose freedom of expression.

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Allie Wassum, Global Director of Social and Integrated Media for Footwear Brand Jordan on Lidlekn, said: “Unless Elon hires new executives committed to protecting this ‘free’ platform from hate speech, it is not a platform on which the brand can/should advertise.

The fuss over Twitter has grown over time, especially after the Twitter deal was finalized. It becomes difficult for Musk to deal with advertisers as ads generate more than 90% of the company’s revenue and many existing employees quit, encouraging Musk to remove employees from his company like Tesla and Neuralink to join Twitter.

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