Disabled cyclist harassed by a bus driver for not using the cycle path + more on the live blog

Harrie Larrington-Spencer took to social media to highlight one of the many barriers people with disabilities face when trying to ride a bicycle. As her tricycle is too wide to safely use the Oxford Road cycle path, Harrie rolls down the road, sometimes attracting abuse from other motorists.

On Monday, she detailed her second incident involving a Stagecoach bus driver where she was “harassed” for not using the cycle path. “My trike is too wide to use this lane safely and I am using the road,” Harrie explained on Twitter. “I pulled over and explained this to your driver. He apparently didn’t see a problem with his behavior, didn’t think his behavior was rude and didn’t apologize. too many obstacles for people with disabilities to become active, your drivers shouldn’t be another.

“I would like a written apology from yourselves and the driver and I would like to know what you are going to do to educate your drivers. It starts to sound like targeted harassment by Stagecoach bus drivers every time I ride my bike. ‘anywhere. “

In June, Harrie shared photos of another bus after the driver honked at her for not riding on the bike path …

After this incident, Stagecoach said it would be reported to depot management who would conduct a full investigation and consult with the driver.

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