Did Pewdiepie just make fun of a deaf woman on TikTok?

YouTube creator PewDiePie, whose real name is Felix Kjellberg, recently poked fun at a deaf woman on his YouTube channel, which unfortunately isn’t really surprising given his story. Kjellberg is the biggest individual YouTube creator of all time, with a channel boasting 111 million subscribers. He launched his channel in 2010, and back then it was largely a gaming channel, with his Let’s Play videos racking up a massive following. As his channel grew, his content became more varied and expanded to include vlogs, comedy shorts, formatted shows, and music videos.

From the very beginning, however, Kjellberg was a problematic creator and was often embroiled in controversy. Shortly after launching his channel, he became known for his rape jokes. These jokes trivialized sexual assault and even went so far as to release a music video titled “It’s Raping Time.” In 2017, he uploaded a video in which he paid 2 men to hold up a sign that read “Death to all Jews.” After this incident, he uploaded a separate video in which he used a racial slur.

His anti-Semitic rhetoric has won him many followers from alt-right groups, Nazis and white supremacists. He was even named by the Christchurch shooter in 2019. Kjellberg apologized after all those instances of controversy and said he was “sickened” to hear his name was used in the Christchurch shooting. However, despite apologizing and claiming that he has grown up and will do better, he continues to cause harm, and his latest target was the deaf community.

PewDiePie pokes fun at the deaf TikTok creator

On July 26, 2022, Kjellberg uploaded a video to YouTube titled “My Dog Cringes At TikToks…” The video saw him and his dog, Maya, watching TikTok videos and making fun of those they deemed “cringoles. “. Soon, the duo came across a video of Scarlet May (@scarlet_may.1), who is a popular deaf TikTok creator and communicates with sign language. The video Kjellberg reacted to was of May telling a funny story that happened at a drive-thru. Kjellberg watched the video for perhaps 2 seconds, eyes wide with fake horror. He then paused and said rudely, “I’m not listening to that.”

He then grabbed his dog and commented that May had the same “crazy nails” as Maya. Kjellberg went further by grabbing his dog’s paws and waving them around, apparently in a really bad attempt to mimic sign language, and said, in a weird voice trying to mimic May, “Sorry, is my fingernails distracting you?” The comments poured in pretty quickly. call Kjellberg to mock a deaf creator. Initially, Kjellberg just silently edited the part showing May’s video, presumably thinking it would explode.

Scarlet May responds to Kjellberg

Out of concern, many of May’s fans brought Kjellberg’s video to her and she posted a response on July 27, 2022. In the video, May explains that she was already aware of the video and unfortunately is used to it. to things like this. However, she’s worked very hard to normalize the deaf community by using fingernails in their sign language, and it’s especially damaging when a big creator like Kjellberg mocks her and sets her community back a million bucks. step back.

To her, it seemed like he didn’t like his nails, and she was okay with that – not everyone likes their nails. If that was really his whole problem, he could have commented on the nails and moved on. However, instead, he decided to imitate her sign language and voice.

May also pointed out the most infuriating part of Kjellberg’s mockery — that he didn’t even watch the video. He didn’t even listen to her story or what she had to say before instantly attacking her. Meanwhile, she explained that she tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, telling herself that he must not know that she was deaf or that she used sign language. However, actions with his dog seem to confirm that he knew. May also slammed him for simply editing the video, not apologizing or saying anything, and just going about his day like he’s done nothing wrong. Check out May’s response below:

Kjellberg reacts to backlash

It was only after May posted his response and called him out for remaining silent on the matter that Kjellberg issued a statement. He pinned a comment on his video claiming he knew May wasn’t deaf or didn’t use sign language. According to him, the only thing he did was make fun of his fingernails. Supposedly, the voice is the same one he always uses to make his dog talk and, by waving the dog’s paws, he was trying to make fun of people on TikTok who are “always dancing or moving”. He ends the statement with “Anyway, honest mistake, my fault.”

He took no responsibility for his actions or apologized to May. Basically, all he said was that it’s no big deal and he didn’t do anything anyway. However, his actions are very serious, as I don’t think anyone buys his claim that he didn’t make fun of his deafness or his sign language. If that was the case, then he should have said something immediately and instantly apologized for his actions to be taken as such. Instead he just silently deleted the footage in an attempt to pretend it hadn’t happened and when he continued to be called downplayed the seriousness of what he had done and didn’t didn’t even have the decency to directly address and apologize to May. .

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