Demand for SEM freelancers plummets

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Freelancer and crowdsourcing market revealed that search engine marketers (SEM) are in less demand than SEO, Youtube and traditional advertisers in its quarterly Fast 50 Index for the third quarter of 2022.

The index is based on data from 296,000 online jobs published on between July 1 and September 30, 2022 and showed tech-related jobs dominated the rankings when comparing Q3 2022 to Q3. 2021 year over year.

Search engine marketing projects fell by almost a third (30.4%) in the third quarter, from 2,300 jobs to 1,600 from the previous quarter.

On the other hand, jobs in digital marketing, traditional marketing and YouTube have attracted strong interest.

Employers seek help with SEO rankings, with blog writing jobs increasing 55% from 1,058 to 1,642 projects as companies hire freelancers to write SEO-friendly blog content.


Digital marketing also saw a 23.1% increase in the third quarter, from 1,738 to 2,141 jobs. These jobs range from hiring business consultants supporting social media strategies to SEO managers.

Notably, in Q3, many employers turned to the platform to hire community managers, digital marketing campaign managers, and social media managers.

Traditional advertising also saw an increase in the third quarter. Flyer design projects increased by more than a quarter (27.5%) from 1,658 to 2,114 jobs.

A similar increase was also seen for projects related to covers and packaging, which increased by 27.3%, from 1,253 to 1,596 jobs. Many employers turn to the platform for ideas for packaging labels and shipping box designs. Comparing Q3 2022 to 2021, ad design is up 15.7% from 1,516 to 1,755 jobs.

Hector Perez-Nieto, Chief Marketing Officer at, said, “As new digital marketing channels emerge, companies are learning that their strategies need to diversify away from primary channels, such as SEM.

“Paid advertising alone is no longer the most viable alternative.

“What we are seeing is a demand for freelancers with skills in social media, short video platforms, acquired and owned content, SEO and a whole range of marketing strategies that were previously reserved for freelancers. large companies.”

YouTube Skills Jobs was the fifth fastest growing skill in Q3 2022, growing 32.3% from 1,138 to 1,505 jobs. Many jobs looking for YouTube skills related to vertical videos and short film content. While there has been a 10% increase in TikTok-related skills and projects seeking TikTok content creators, employers are looking for three times more skills in YouTube and video editing.

The index also revealed a surge in tech-related jobs.


Software development jobs were the fastest growing skill (up 54.7%, from 1,587 to 2,442), while coding jobs were the second fastest growing skill. higher (up 45.5%, from 1004 to 1461) and backend development was third (up 37.7%). , from 1111 to 1530).

The surge in tech-related freelance jobs, first seen in Freelancer’s second quarter 2022 index, stems from global tech layoffs and hiring freezes in the so-called “winter tech” that began with a “crypto winter,” as reported by in previous Fast 50 reports.

Overvaluations and falling stock prices have also caused massive hiring and layoff freezes at tech companies around the world in 2022.

Matt Barrie, Managing Director of, said: “The macro environment, tech winter and nosebleed inflation have led to an almost daily string of layoff announcements.

“The most similar event was the global financial crisis, where we saw three trends: companies looking to cut costs and hire freelancers online, people looking for work online, and many startups created to help people through tough times.

“However, this was mainly reserved for the United States. We believe that in 2023 we could revisit all of this, but on a more global scale.

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