Delhi vendor makes momo ice cream rolls, foodies say ‘please stop’

Social media is raving about her food – from recipes to dietary advice to delicious food photos, there’s no shortage of content. However, lately, weird food has been something of a trend, with a weird new concoction making its way into our timelines every day. Today it seems to be the turn of the momo ice cream rolls!

Yes, while netizens were still not awful masala dosa ice cream, they stumbled upon another cold dish made with momos, which are eaten very hot with an impressive red chilli chutney.

Honestly, Momo’s cold cousin has nothing going for him. In a clip that has gone viral on Instagram, a vendor was seen breaking up three steamed momos and tossing them together. He then added a flavored milk-based liquid to the mangled momos and put it in an ice tray. It is topped with vanilla ice cream. To add insult to injury, the momo ice cream mix gets a few kicks from the chilli chutney we talked about before.

By adding a little more sauce and a little curd, the experimental dish was served!

“People of Delhi, why are you experiencing such things?” food bloggers captioned it while sharing the clip with fitting background music, “Bhagwaan Hai Kahan Re Tu” by PK’s Sonu Nigam. With a hashtag, #SaveMomo, the blogger added his frustration saying, “Mere momos ke sath aaise mat karo yaarrr!!!!!!!!!!!!”

What started with a recipe for chilli ice cream rolls last years seems to have passed to the new year. Now, foodies on social media are simply begging vendors to stop experimenting with their favorite dishes. However, the trend continues unabated as it draws a lot of eyes on social media and leads to conversation.

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