Delhi seller goes viral for kulhad momos, leaves netizens divided

While kulhad wali chai can be loved by many, more and more vendors across India are trying to merge the desi cup with various other food products. After kulhad pizza, a video of a kulhadBaked momos have gone viral online, baffling people on social media platforms.

In a video shared by food blogger Hardik Malik on Instagram, a vendor is seen taking a new batch of fried momos and tossing them in a rich mayonnaise sauce, two sauces, and a seasoning. Not only loaded with gravy mix, he also added chopped onions, chopped bell pepper, and sweet corn into the mix!

Then he takes the ‘mixture’ in an earthen glass and fills it with two momos each. Then put it in the oven before serving the sticky baked dish, garnishing it with seasonings.

According to Malik, the dish is available at Krishna Nagar in East Delhi for those who are eager to try it. With nearly 2.5 million views on Reel’s video, while some said they couldn’t wait to give it a try, others asked to leave the momos alone.

As earlier this year, a Surat-based salesperson has gone viral for his kulhad pizza, many have wondered what would be next kulhad twist, with a few jokes if biryani would get a similar twist.

Recently, as such food blogger videos took the internet by storm time and time again, two YouTubers recently called these content creators internet winner.

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