Children vandalize Idaho school

I contacted the Twin Falls School District to get more information directly from them, however, we have received further reports that some schools in Twin Falls may have fallen victim to this new Tik Tok challenge prompting children to vandalize and steal toiletries and cleaning products. .

If you go to the Tik Tok social media app and search for “Devious Licks,” many schools across the country are closing bathrooms due to vandalism or theft of soap dispensers. I find it absolutely insane that it has become such a thing.

I’ve had a few reports from people going to Canyon Ridge that some of the bathrooms have had to be closed due to vandalism and some of the soap dispensers have been removed from the bathrooms and places people can use in one place it’s harder to take.

Some people suggest that parents talk to their children and ask or tell them directly not to steal or vandalize things at school. I imagine most parents in Idaho are already doing this.

It’s also important to note that I don’t think Twin Falls has as many instances of this challenge as other places. We all did weird and devious things when we were kids and I know I did stupid things, but I think it’s time for this Tik Tok challenge to be a thing of the past.

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