Cheating, Harassment Complaint Against Instant Loan App | News from Vadodara

Vadodara: The city’s cybercrime detectives have received another cheating complaint regarding an instant loan application. In the third such complaint received by cops in the past week, the 26-year-old Subhanpura resident filed a complaint against an unidentified person for harassing her and altering her photos.
The woman told police that last year she took a loan of Rs 1.18 lakh from an app offering instant loan and also regularly repaid EMIs till the first week of May this year.

However, she was unable to afford an EMI after changing jobs and then started receiving calls from different numbers since May 7.
The woman also accused the stalker of vulgarly transforming her photos and sending them to her husband and relatives. The accused then wrote a false legal notice in the name of CBI and sent it to him, in addition to being abused and threatened over the phone. Following this, she approached the cybercrime commissioner on Wednesday.
On May 15, a 28-year-old woman filed a cheating and harassment complaint after being similarly harassed over a loan she took on an instant loan app.
The woman had borrowed money between April 29 and May 5 this year and had repaid a substantial amount, including interest.
The accused was still harassing her and demanding an additional amount of Rs 10,220. When she was not obliged, they transformed the digital image of her Aadhaar card and wrote abuse on it.
The image was then sent to his friends and family. The police said that once someone downloads the instant loan app, the admin has access to the person’s contact list, pictures and text messages.
On May 14, another young woman filed a similar complaint claiming that the loan amount of Rs 1,950 was deposited in her bank account without even asking. The accused then began to claim Rs 3,000, including interest. They started calling her from different cell phone numbers claiming to represent different instant loan mobile apps
The accused then forwarded an image of her Aadhaar card with her phone number and indecent messages written on it to various people on her contact list, including her relatives.

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