Cadent Partners with Tunnl to Launch Audiences for Advanced TV Advertising

Tunnl audiences, including political and advocacy segments, are now available on the Cadent Aperture platform via OTT/CTV, addressable TV and indexed TV advertising

NEW YORK and WASHINGTON, July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — cadetthe largest independent advanced TV advertising platform, is proud to announce a new partnership with Tunnl, a data intelligence platform that powers advertiser goal-driven marketing, brand reputation, and issue advocacy campaigns. The partnership builds on Cadent’s current offering, Aperture Audience Data Marketplace, by bringing Tunnl audiences to Cadent customers.

Tunnl’s audiences are built from monthly, national and large-sample surveys combined with a proprietary data library based on over 20 years of intelligence. The granularity of Tunnl audiences enables uniquely effective targeting across multiple verticals such as “brand”, “politics”, “public affairs” and “corporate representation” within Cadent Aperture Audience Data Marketplace.

“As the TV ecosystem becomes increasingly fragmented and complex, marketers need solutions to reach their target audience across all screens and devices,” said Eoin Townsend, product manager at Cadent. “Through our partnership with Tunnl, we continue our mission of helping brands engage the right consumers in a scalable and privacy-respecting way.”

In addition to Aperture Audience Data Marketplace, Cadent Aperture Viewer Graph enables advertisers to reach Tunnl’s audiences across linear and OTT to drive incremental and deduplicated reach. Aperture Viewer Graph enables marketers to unify audiences across the TV ecosystem, allowing them to target their specific high-value audiences and measure results using any third-party partner .

“This integration tightly connects Cadent Aperture Platform users to Tunnl audiences at a time when OTT and CTV are increasingly important ways for advertisers to reach their buyers,” says Sara Fagen, CEO of Tunnl. “We see a significant opportunity for advertisers to benefit from Tunnl’s partnership with Cadent as we continue to focus on connecting audiences with people’s viewing habits.”

Cadent’s partnership with Tunnl is a timely solution for advertisers struggling with growing media fragmentation among their target markets. With Tunnl’s laser-focused audiences, advertisers, especially those in politics and advocacy, ensure their messages reach the right people, maximizing investment, impact and results this year. and beyond.

To learn more about Cadent’s next-gen data marketplace, which now offers Tunnl audiences, contact Tony Yiexecutive vice president of business development for Cadent, at [email protected]. To connect directly with Tunnl and learn more about how you can leverage their audience, email Amanda Peterson BeadleSenior Director of Partnerships of Tunnl, at [email protected].

About Tunnell

Tunnl is an audience identification and segmentation platform that gives advertisers the data they need to make deep connections with their target markets. Based on intelligence from monthly, national and large-sample surveys and a proprietary data library accumulated over 20+ years, Tunnl enables advertisers to find the right audiences to engage with and take action against their goal-oriented, issue advocacy and brand reputation marketing campaigns. . For more information, visit

About Cadent

Cadent is driving the evolution of TV brand advertising by providing marketers, agencies, operators and media owners with data-driven solutions for buying and selling TV advertising. By connecting brands with opportunities across national inventory sources (cable, broadcast and OTT), their technology improves efficiency and improves results for linear, addressable and multi-screen campaigns. For more information, visit or follow @CadentTV.


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