British Airways’ ‘awful’ first class English breakfast sends Twitter into a tizzy

A Twitter user shared a picture of the meal allegedly served to a British Airways first class passenger on the flight and it sparked a barrage of criticism. Twitter user Jane Hawkes shared a photo of the meal on the microblogging platform, featuring sausage, mushrooms and fried potatoes with some type of mash and what may or may not be hash brown. “First class #BritishAirways breakfast. Thoughts?” Hawkes asked and people were visibly struggling to identify the food that was served in the supposed English breakfast. News18 could not independently verify whether the meal was served on the aforementioned flight.

While most people were sympathetic to Hawkes, one wrote: ‘I think there is a cost of living crisis…people are struggling to feed their families / heat their homes …if you’re lucky enough to fly first class, maybe enjoy the comedy. value of that one bad meal / don’t rub your wealth of opportunity in people’s faces? [sic]In response, Hawkes said she was not the one who received the meal.

Some people shared great meals they had had on British Airways flights.

This incident certainly doesn’t help the bad reputation flight food has had on the internet over the years.

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