Brian Laundrie shared Pinterest’s latest cryptic post about ‘burn out’ as Gabby Petito disappeared

BRIAN Laundrie shared a haunting last post on social media about ‘burnout’ as his fiancée Gabby Petito went missing.

He posted the cover of the book on Pinterest days before an alleged “heated argument” between the couple which was said to be the last time she was seen alive.


Brian Laundrie shared the cover of a pamphlet titled “Burnt Out” on his Pinterest accountCredit: Twitter
Brian Laundrie posted the haunting image days before his fiancee Gabby Petito went missing


Brian Laundrie posted the haunting image days before his fiancee Gabby Petito went missingCredit: Reuters

Internet sleuths have combed Gabby and Brian’s social media profiles for clues since the high-profile disappearance.

Some pointed to a series of disturbing images on her Pinterest account, including skeletons and a bloody woman.

They were posted in a file titled “Bleak” shortly before Gabby’s last known sighting in late August.

Laundrie’s last post was the hand-drawn cover of a booklet called Burnt Out, a guide to coping with autistic burnout.

The condition – also called autistic fatigue – is described as “severe physical, mental or emotional exhaustion” experienced by adults with autism.

This can make them unable to perform daily tasks and sometimes leads to “outbursts of sadness or anger” and even thoughts of suicide, experts say.

Online detectives say it could be important in assessing Laundrie’s state of mind, although it has not been previously suggested that he has autism.

One Twitter user said: “This seems important because it was posted around the same time that #gabbypetitio went missing ??!”

Laundrie’s other articles, including a chilling pencil sketch of a bloodied and bruised woman who some have compared to Gabby’s body.

He also shared a haunting image of “My Baby” written on a gravestone and a photo with the tagline, “Don’t try to find me”.

Other photos show spooky skeletons and skulls – which are believed to predict that the fugitive’s own decomposed remains will be found in a swamp.

Laundrie, 23, was found dead in a Florida nature reserve last month after a five-week search involving local FBI cops and reality TV star Dog the Bounty Hunter.

The cause of death has not been revealed.

He was named a person of interest in the murder of vlogger van life Gabby, 22, whose remains were found in remote Wyoming in September.

She was strangled after a road trip with Laundrie through Utah National Parks.

Laundrie also posted a sketch of a bloodied and bruised woman on Pinterest


Laundrie also posted a sketch of a bloodied and bruised woman on PinterestCredit: Pinterest
Another spooky image shows a gravestone with the inscription


Another spooky image shows a gravestone with the inscription “My baby”Credit: Pinterest
Another photo posted before he went on the run says


Another photo posted before he went on the run says “Don’t try to find me”Credit: Pinterest
Brian Laundrie detectives find creepy abandoned cabin in the woods that could have been a perfect hiding place for a fugitive

Gabby Petito timeline

Gabby Petito, 22, was last seen on August 24, leaving a Utah hotel. Here is a timeline of Gabby Petito’s disappearance:

  • June 2021 – Gabby Petito and her fiancé Brian Laundrie have embarked on a journey through the United States.
  • 4th July – Gabby posts pictures of herself barefoot in Gove County, Kansas.
  • July 8 – Gabby posts photos of herself in Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado.
  • July 18 – Gabby and Brian post photos of themselves in Zion National Park, Utah.
  • 12 august – Body camera footage was released in September showing an encounter Brian and Gabby had with police in Utah. Police confirmed that no serious injuries had been reported.
  • August 19 – Gabby and Brian are posting a video on their YouTube channel about their trip.
  • 24 august – Gabby is seen leaving a hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • August 25 – Gabby Facetime her mother, Nichole Schmidt, for the last time. In a subsequent police report, Schmidt said her conversations with her daughter revealed “growing tension” between her and Brian.
  • 25 august – Gabby also posts her latest Instagram. No location is indicated.
  • August 27 – Gabby is seen for what is believed to be the last time. Witnesses claim to see Brian in an explosive argument with restaurant staff in Jackson Hole, leaving Gabby in tears.
  • August 27 – Four hours later, travel bloggers driving through Grand Teton National Park pass the couple’s “abandoned” van on a dirt road.
  • September 1st – Brian goes home to Florida without Gabby.
  • September 11th – Gabby’s parents report her disappearance to Suffolk County Police.
  • September 14 – Brian’s family release a statement saying he has retained a lawyer and will not cooperate with investigators.
  • September 14 – Brian was reportedly last seen by his family. He reportedly told them he was going to hike the Cartlon Preserve but did not return.
  • September 15 – North Port Florida Police say Brian is a person of interest in the case. He is not charged with any crime.
  • September 16 – Utah Police are releasing body camera footage of the police encounter with Brian and Gabby.
  • September 17 – Brian’s parents say they haven’t seen their son for a few days and report his missing.
  • September 18 – Police say they were looking for Brian on the Carlton reservation in Florida. The police say they haven’t found anything.
  • September 19 – Wyoming officials say they found a body in Grand Teton National Park. The FBI announces that the body is Gabby’s, but a full forensic identification must first be completed to confirm.
  • September 20 – Police execute a search warrant at Laundrie’s home, seizing his silver Mustang and a hard drive that may contain “relevant evidence to prove a crime has been committed.”
  • September 21 – Authorities say they will perform an autopsy on the remains found in Wyoming to confirm whether or not they belong to Gabby. Police have also resumed their search for the laundromat, this time on the Venice side of the Carlton reserve.
  • September 21 – The FBI announced that the body found in Wyoming was Gabby’s. The cause of death has not yet been revealed.
  • September 21 – The Teton County Coroner’s Office said Gabby’s official cause of death was still pending, but the original mode of death was homicide.
  • September 22 – Police continue to search the Carlton reservation for a trace of Laundrie, but give no leads. A specialized diving team is called in to assist in the hunt.
  • 23 september – Authorities have announced that a federal arrest warrant has been issued for Brian.
  • September 26 – Gabby’s funeral was held in Long Island, New York.
  • 12 october: Gabby’s autopsy results have been released. Teton County Coroner Dr Brent Blue confirmed Gabby died from strangulation.
  • 20 october: Laundrie’s personal items were found at Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park. A medical examiner was called to the scene.
  • 21st of October: The FBI has confirmed that the remains found were identified as laundry.

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