Brand Slam Awards 2022: Evolve Bank and Trust’s social media campaign

“Technology and innovation are what we are about, and we are fortunate to have successful women in key roles changing the banking industry.”

By Craig Colgan

Maccent-based Evolving Banking and Trust is co-winner in the social media category of A2022 BA Brand Slam Awards. Using a cross-platform approach, the bank focused on Women’s History Month to highlight its female leadership and women’s contributions to the bank. The campaign team used internal and external social media channels to highlight what it calls “Evolver” women across the bank. The campaign also spotlighted community partners whose mission is to help women in their personal and professional development.

“We saw good engagement on social media from a range of content including special graphics, video content and blog posts,” notes the bank’s awards application. “We developed a comprehensive graphics package which was used for social media and internal content. We have also produced videos that Underline some of our female leadership in the bank. The campaign also advanced the bank’s internal diversity and inclusion program.

The result was an increase in visitors to the bank’s website as well as its social media platforms. A snapshot of this growth includes: a 77% increase in Facebook reach month-over-month; 10% increase in engagement on Facebook; and an 8.2% increase in the number of followers on LinkedIn. Eric Helvie, digital marketing manager, answered some questions about the campaign:

What led you to focus on Women’s History Month?

Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day are global observances. We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight not only the contributions of women around the world, but also our own leaders here at Evolve Bank and Trust. These leaders have been essential to our substantial growth over the past few years, and we thought a social campaign dedicated to them was important.

An effective purpose of the videos seems to be to share important career advice as well as information about the banking industry embracing technology. Was it a conscious decision? It seemed to work really well and brought a mentoring element here.

Evolve Bank and Trust is an innovative financial institution that is proud to help propel the fintech revolution. Technology and innovation are who we are, and we are fortunate to have successful women in key roles changing the banking industry. We also recognize that with all the changes, a new generation will carry on their work. It was important to show that women in leadership positions passed on the lessons learned to the next generation.

You noted that the campaign highlighted community partners whose mission is to help women in their personal and professional development. Can you provide details on this?

Throughout the year, we partner with organizations that focus on women’s issues or are led by women. A partnership is with a very prestigious girls’ school in Memphis. This school has a very successful track record in developing leaders in all walks of life.

How much of the campaign was produced internally versus externally? How were these choices made?

Everything was homemade. We are fortunate to have very talented graphic designers and video content producers. Once the campaign was defined with clear goals, the teams got to work executing the campaign.

What have you learned and what advice would you give banks in the face of such a campaign?

As with any campaign, preparation is key. We did a good job preparing what we could in a short time. What we are doing for 2023 is already working on campaign assets and content, so we have time to adjust and refine all the content.

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