Bihar Man Orders Drone Camera From Online Shopping Site And Receives Potatoes Instead

A Bihar man claimed to have ordered a drone camera from an online retailer but received a kilogram of potatoes instead. A video shared by Unseen India went viral on Twitter, where it was claimed the incident happened at Nalanda. A person, allegedly the delivery manager, is seen opening the package to reveal the potatoes. The executive, when asked, admits the online retailer committed fraud, but says he did not know if the company delivering the product was in collusion. News18 could not independently verify the legitimacy of the video.

The incident happened at Parwalpur of Nalanda. The customer who was allegedly duped is a certain Chetan Kumar, a businessman who had made full payment after placing the order on the online sales site. Kumar was suspicious when the delivery manager came with the package. He asked her to open the package and also made a video of it. There were 10-20 potatoes inside the sealed box.

The local Parwalpur Police Station said it had not received any complaints about the matter, according to Unseen India. If a complaint is filed, the matter will be investigated.

Confusions are known to occur when it comes to delivering products online. Recently, a Coimbatore man ordered ice cream and crisps for his children on Swiggy but received condoms instead. The understandably miffed Periasamy took to Twitter on Aug. 27 to share his complaint, along with a photo of the two packs of condoms he received via Swiggy Instamart. Although his original tweet was deleted, another Twitter user shared a screenshot of it on the microblogging platform. Apparently Periasamy’s issue was addressed and resolved by Swiggy after the tweet.

“My thoughts are with the other guy who got ice cream and chips!” The Twitter user who shared the screenshot wrote. His concern was mirrored by many other people who could be seen speculating on how the ‘other guy’ who got the ice cream and chips instead of the condoms might have handled the situation. .

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