Be careful when approving loans for Nigeria, Shehu Sani tells China

Senator Shehu Sani called on China to exercise caution in approving Nigeria’s loan applications.

He made the call on Wednesday while speaking at a panel discussion organized by the Center for Chinese Studies (CCS) on the theme: “20th CPC National Congress: Outcomes and Significance for Nigeria and the Africa”.

While commending China for encouraging development in Nigeria and Africa as a whole, he said China should only provide loans that will have a direct impact on the lives of Nigerians.

Sani said the lending burden for Nigeria is heavy, therefore only loans that will boost development should be encouraged by China.

He said: “It is important that while your country wishes to support the execution of our projects, also bear in mind that members of government are there for a period of time.

“The loans that come from your country should be the ones that are the most important, the ones that will have a direct impact on the economy of our country.

“You can improve our debt profile and you can do it through those who come to you. Always have the courage to tell them the truth.


He also urged the Communist Party of China to invite leaders of Nigerian political parties to its upcoming congress to learn how the Chinese are using the platform to boost development in their country.

“There are many things we can learn from China because we are politically different.

“The CPC meets every five years to assess the past five years and what will happen in the next five years. Nigerian politicians only meet every four years for elections.

“We don’t even know which model to copy. Our idea of ​​governance is simply to take power, invite our friends and family and create some semblance of representation of the people and start a government.

While hailing China’s rise to become a superpower, he urged the Asian country to follow Nigeria’s lead, adding that having strong allies would benefit China.

For his part, CCS Director Mr. Charles Onunaiju said party conventions should focus on problem solving and not a jamboree.

“It’s not about emerging candidates, of course, these issues are resolved, but more importantly, congresses are a platform to reflect, to reflect on how far we’ve come, then identify challenges and design the next plan. action,” he said.

Onunaiju said at the last Communist Party congress in China that the party announced that it had lifted people out of poverty and then entered a new phase of common prosperity.

He instructed Nigerian political parties to follow the path of the Chinese in asking critical questions at their congresses and proposing solutions to challenges.

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