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This is probably just an “easy” ride for the great Dutchman …

In preparation for his return to cyclo-cross at the World Cup round in Dendermonde on Boxing Day, Mathieu van der Poel hit the slopes with his Alpecin-Fenix ​​teammates Tim Merlier and Gianni Vermeersch. Based on these footage, we think we would sprint to the first corner to keep in touch, and then very quickly yell “See you later at the cafe!” before being let loose …

To make matters worse, it is apparently not even Van der Poel in great shape … he is recovering from a knee injury suffered in a “stupid crash”.

“I wasn’t even training, I was just cruising with a friend through the forest and just lost my front wheel on a slippery part that I didn’t expect and hit a section first. gravel with my knee, so I was injured quite badly. I immediately felt that it was not good, “explained Van der Poel.

The world champion has delayed his return to cyclo-cross until Sunday when he will face Wout van Aert and Tom Pidcock. Liam has already claimed that this is the biggest event of his week … are you sure nothing is happening on Saturday, Liam?

“Wout is in very good shape. I expected him to be immediately and win, but not the way he did,” Van der Poel told reporters before Boxing Day fell.

“May be [I can race] For victory. The level behind Wout is something I could normally keep up with. When I came back to cyclocross and could see how far he went sometimes, I don’t know if I already have those kind of legs to follow him but I should be able to be in the group behind. I hope I can surprise myself as well. “


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