Apple threatens to fire employee over viral TikTok video

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Apple threatens to fire employee over viral TikTok video

A viral TikTok video claiming data on a stolen iPhone is 100% safe unless it’s unlocked can lead to the firing of an Apple employee. Apple is reportedly angry with its hardware engineer Paris Cambell for responding to a query from an iPhone owner whose phone was stolen. In a viral TikTok video, Cambell is seen assuring the owner that thieves can’t access his iPhone’s data as it’s still locked and advised not to remove the Apple ID from the device. Although Cambell came across as a savior, Apple seems to be the least amused. Cambell claims she received a call from the Apple store manager, warning her to remove the video or she will be fired.


Elon Musk wins a rare victory on Twitter

The trial of Elon Musk and Twitter has yet to begin on an official note, but it looks like Musk may have won a major moral victory on the microblogging platform. The tech billionaire has successfully won a major court order, ordering the former top Twitter executive to hand over several documents to Musk. According to Musk, these documents are essential in determining the exact number of fake accounts on Twitter. As we all know, the deal between Musk and Twitter had collapsed over the controversial issue of fake accounts. The highly anticipated Musk-Twitter journey will officially begin in October this year.


WhatsApp Rival Signal customer data is hacked

Instant messaging app Signal, which counts Elon Musk among its top users, said the phone number and SMS verification code of its nearly 2,000 customers have been compromised. However, the Signal app will have to blame its communication partner Twilio for this hacking fiasco. Twilio, which provides SMS verification services to several companies including Signal, recently had its system hacked by hackers. Later, it turned out that Signal was one of many Twilio customers whose data had been compromised due to this hacking incident. Signal said it would officially notify all of those 2,000 customers whose data was breached.


Chinese Netflix ‘iQiyi’ launches streaming services in India

In a rather surprising turn of events, the massively popular Chinese streaming service IQiyi – often dubbed the Chinese Netflix – turned out to offer streaming services in India. This was discovered by popular startup portal Entrackr. According to Entrackr, IQiyi did not do any heavy marketing or promotion before its launch in India and the launch was almost silent. Entrackr also claimed that IQiyi may not be complying with many local IT laws and rules. It remains to be seen whether IQiyi will follow the TikTok route. TikTok along with many other Chinese apps were banned by the Indian government almost two years ago. iQiyi is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and counts Chinese tech giant Baidu among its investors.


Serena Williams to become a full-time venture capitalist

Tennis superstar Serena Williams, who is set to retire in days, has announced that she will become a full-time venture capitalist in her post-retirement life. The tennis superstar had launched his venture capital firm Serena Ventures in 2014 and so far, his venture capital firm had invested in dozens of startups. But all these investments were made by its managers. However, since Serena now has a lot more free time due to her retirement, she said she would take up venture capital as a full-time profession. Serena Williams had a stellar career, winning a mind-boggling 23 Grand Slams and becoming the most successful player in tennis history.

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