Apple reportedly ruled out metaverse for its mixed reality headset

Don’t expect Apple to follow others in the metaverse. According to the latest bulletin from BloombergMark Gurman, Apple rejected the idea of ​​a metaverse (in this case, an entirely virtual world) for its mixed reality headset. The very idea is “off limits,” Gurman’s sources claimed. Emphasis would be placed on short periods of communication, content viewing and Game.

Past rumors have hinted that the headset could debut as early as this year, although its specifications and target audience are uncertain. Early scoops suggested it might have 8K per eye resolution, over a dozen “upside down” tracking cameras, and a developer lens that included a price tag of $ 3,000. Well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that the headset would use “only” 4K displays and six to eight cameras, hinting at a more affordable device, however.

If the claim is true, Apple’s approach to mixed reality would be significantly different from that of rival Meta. Where Meta Changed Its AR and VR Strategies to the metaverse, Apple seems determined to avoid it. Whether or not this strategy works is another matter. Apple’s announced strategy could bear fruit if the Metaverse struggles and could thwart Meta’s plans by curbing general interest in virtual worlds. If the Metaverse is successful, however, Apple could miss out and find itself taking over other people’s VR environments.

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