Amid fierce challenge from Ukraine, another night of explosions in Kyiv: 10 updates | world news

Fresh explosions have rocked the Ukrainian capital Kiev, reports say, as Moscow’s offensive enters the fourth day with the European Union aimed at crippling Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “war machine”. “We will fight as long as necessary to liberate our country,” pledged Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy – the face of Kiev’s resistance who was more popular as a comedian before his election three years ago -.

Here are ten points on the Russian-Ukrainian crisis:

1. More than 150,000 people are believed to have fled the war in Ukraine since the full-scale invasion of Moscow began on Thursday. Kyiv saw another night of violence and chaos with two massive explosions reported; nocturnal aerial sirens were heard. On Saturday, missile strikes and attacks on residential buildings despite Kremlin assurances to protect civilians kept the city on edge.

2. In another major punitive measure against Moscow, the US, EU and UK have blocked Russian banks’ access to the global financial messaging system SWIFT. The “restrictive measures” are part of the latest step by the Russian central bank. “We have taken decisive action tonight with our international partners to exclude Russia from the global financial system, including the first important step of ejecting Russian banks from SWIFT,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Twitter.]

3. After a series of global financial sanctions, Ukraine finally gets military support from France and Germany. The United States also announced aid of $350 million.

4. The Russian army on Saturday extended its offensive “in all directions”. “After the Ukrainian side rejected the negotiation process, all units today received the order to develop the advance from all directions in accordance with the plans of the operation,” the spokesman said. Russian army Igor Konashenkov.

5. As ties with the West dip to a new low, Russia has closed its airspace to planes from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Slovenia. The measure, said the Russian state aviation agency, Rosaviatsia, was taken in retaliation for the four nations closing their airspace to Russian planes.

6. Social media restrictions in Russia have been reported. “We are aware that Twitter is restricted for certain people in Russia and we are working hard to keep our service safe and accessible,” the microblogging giant wrote in a post. The official Kremlin website was also reportedly down.

7. The world is witnessing massive protests as Russia’s Vladimir Putin turns a deaf ear to global calls to recall troops. People took to the streets in France, the UK, the US and other countries as Europe witnessed one of the worst conflicts since World War II.

8. It is not yet clear if and when Russia and Ukraine will hold talks. “As part of the expected negotiations, the Russian President yesterday afternoon ordered the suspension of the advance of the main forces of the Russian Federation,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Pesko was quoted as saying on Saturday. AFP news agency. Kyiv, however, had previously called for negotiations.

9. 198 people, including children, have died in Ukraine so far, officials said on Saturday. The Russian side also faced 1,000 casualties, Kiev claimed earlier.

10. The UNSC resolution to end the war in Ukraine was overruled by Russia’s veto. The Kremlin cannot escape responsibility, the United States had said in scathing remarks.

(With contributions from AFP, AP, Reuters)


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