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The Alliance of British Drivers claims to be a voluntary organization promoting the interests and concerns of British drivers. On Tuesday, the Daily Express quoted the Alliance’s Paul Biggs as part of its ‘Highway Code fury’ special, which also included TalkRadio doting Mike Grahamof cours.

> Traffic law ‘fury’: Calls for test drive for cyclists as Mike Graham and Daily Express continue to attack changes

In the story, Biggs said “odd untrained cyclists are still allowed on the roads”, and as an “avid recreational cyclist” himself, he thinks “it seems crazy to allow cyclists on the roads without having passed at least a cycling skill test or even having read the highway code.”

Now the Alliance has proudly shared the story of the Express on Facebook to the monumental 2,012 people who like the page, we guess we’re waiting for a triumphant response of support from motorists everywhere…instead from that, it turned into a very one-sided lesson…

Rob Devey kicked off the debate quite aptly, pointing out how many more cars would be on the road if you started building barriers to alternative forms of transportation like, I don’t know, bicycles? Christopher Hirst wondered if the Alliance wanted all children to take a test before knocking out the stabilizers?

Danny Angus asked if, by the same logic, pedestrians should also need a test to cross the road…wait for the chicken to find out.

Andrew Ballard added: “What ‘problem’ would that solve? Let’s look at how effective test drives have been for drivers, in terms of damage on the road and in the streets: five people killed a day, every day on our roads, about 70 others seriously injured. Some of them are not even on the roads. So the tests and the compulsory driving licenses do not prevent damage on the road or the destruction of property. Alliance chose not to respond to this particular comment…

Bob Carter felt that “drivers” taking a Bikeability course would be a better use of everyone’s time, while Kas Graham suggested a new test for motorists every ten years as well.

Sure, some agreed with the Alliance calls, we’ve covered those kinds of answers before, just copy and paste from any previous anti-cyclist bingo… road tax, insurance , responsibility, “you’re wearing dark clothes”, red lights… sorry if you just fell asleep at your desk…

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