Alito skips conference appearance after draft op-ed leaked

The draft notice released by POLITICO sparked outrage across the country this week, as Americans anticipated the court’s reversal of the landmark 1973 ruling. Fifty percent of voters oppose the reversal Roe vs. Wadeaccording to a POLITICO/Morning Consult poll released this week.

Barricades now line the front of the Supreme Court steps, preventing protesters from approaching the chambers, and law enforcement officials across the country are bracing for possible unrest and violence.

Other judges have moved forward with appearances scheduled for this week. Chief Justice John Roberts, speaking at a court conference on Thursday in Atlanta, called the opinion’s disclosure “absolutely appalling” and said he hoped it wouldn’t change Americans’ perception of respect to the highest court in the land, according to CNN.

Judge Clarence Thomas addressed the Atlanta conference on Friday, although he did not explicitly mention the abortion case.

“They can’t be institutions that give you the results you want every time,” said Thomas, according to Bloomberg’s law. “And they can’t be bullied into giving you a particular result. An institution must demonstrate civility. And I think you lose that in this country.

Protest groups ordered demonstrators to gather outside the judges’ private residences, including Alito’s. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Thursday that President Joe Biden is urging protesters to be peaceful.

“His message directly to anyone feeling this frustration, participating in a peaceful protest, is: make sure it’s peaceful; raise your voice peacefully,” PSAki said. “We should not resort to violence in any way. That’s certainly what he would convey.

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