Airline takes brutal revenge on passengers who snuck into business class

Video: Economy Class passengers have been upgraded to Business Class

Two cheeky passengers have drawn the wrath of flight attendants and fellow flight attendants after they upgraded to business class and as a result tricked the pilot into turning around and heading home, as if it was about two annoying kids complaining in the back. car seat.

The two passengers were on a United Airlines flight from New Jersey to Israel. There were 123 passengers on the flight. A witness who saw the couple being arrested for self-upgrading said they caused a ‘riot’ an hour into the flight after the crew demanded to see their (business class) tickets. The plane then returned to Newark, New Jersey, where other passengers received hotel reservations and meal vouchers, and the disruptive duo were greeted by officials. The incident happened on January 20.

A witness to the incident told Israeli media: “The flight was half empty and there was room, so they probably thought, ‘why not?'” The flight turned around near the Maine-New Brunswick border. It was the second time in the same week that an international flight from the United States had to be turned back due to disorderly passengers.

It’s also not the first time passengers have tried to sneak into business class. Although some social media personalities and travel bloggers claim to get away with it, most of the time it goes wrong, and the offending party either receives an embarrassing reward or gets in the way of the whole flight, forcing a U-turn.

United Airlines Polaris Business Class. Image Credit: Fortune

In 2020, police removed two women from an American Airlines flight from Dallas Fort Worth to Miami, after one of them tried to hide in the floor of her friend’s business class seat.

The plan was for it to stay that way for the entire flight to “drive viewers to their Youtube channel,” an aggrieved passenger, who witnessed the incident, told the Aviation Forum. Flyertalk.

“I was seated at 5J and during boarding the woman across from me brought in a friend of Y and visited. I saw the friend crawling under seat J (more accurately the TV console) but started watching a movie. Well, apparently the plan was for this woman’s friend to stay there for the entire flight, because it’s something they thought would bring viewers to their “YouTube channel.”

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“The flight was 100% full but the FA noticed in the taxi that a Y seat was empty and there was a handbag sitting on the seat. The people around that seat said the woman just got up and left. So there is an announcement for this pax to identify itself or we cannot take off.

“At that moment, I realize that she is hiding under her friend’s J-seat. I can tell the AC pulls away from the traffic lane to park and as soon as it’s parked my intention is to hit the call button if that woman doesn’t turn up. She does and tries to sneak into Y but is immediately stopped by the FA.

“The chimes begin to sound and the FA announces that the air conditioning is going to move and that everyone must take their seats. Most a/c have no idea what is going on but the Captain announces that there is a “security issue”, we return to the gate to “deal with it” and then leave again.”

Other passengers were reportedly furious, as the incident forced the plane back to the gate, where the offending passengers were evacuated.

Flying in friendly skies indeed.

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