13 tips for creating the perfect website landing page

A landing page is a single web page that can help any brand grow. If you can create a well-designed landing page aimed at a specific goal, it will force your audience to act in favor of your business.

This article gives you some foolproof tips for achieving your goals via a landing page.

1. Create a strategy based on your target audience

Since a landing page should focus on a single goal, you should strategize while building it. In the planning phase, consider your target audience for a solid strategy.

Determine who you will target with this page and what message you want to get across. This pre-planning will increase the relevance of the page and increase conversion rates accordingly.

2. Avoid distractions

When you have a visitor on the landing page, the last thing you want is distraction. Only a distraction-free landing page can increase the number of conversions while reducing the page bounce rate.

To do this, remove the main navigation so that visitors stay on the page where they landed. Website links and navigation can cause them to abandon the landing page.

3. Make your page responsive

Responsive landing page illustration

As the number of smartphone users grows rapidly, you need to make your landing pages responsive. Your landing page should look great on desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

A responsive page should load quickly on any device and be easily clickable. This will increase both reach and engagement.

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4. Use simple layouts

No matter how complex your website design is, remember to apply a minimalist approach to the landing page. By keeping it simple and clutter-free, you can focus on its purpose.

It is always good not to provide visitors with irrelevant or unnecessary information. Just say what matters and use spaces in the rest of the area to keep the page light; a clear message with a simple and attractive design will win the race.

5. Focus on readability

A visual showing the landing page with better readability

A visitor should effortlessly read the content on your landing page. That is why you should focus on readability when choosing the font. A sleek font might look good, but users might have trouble reading the background of the page.

Always go for clear fonts to maximize readability, and make sure they’re neither too big nor too small. You can use multiple fonts, but make sure they sync with each other.

Although the design is not the central element of a landing page, it is the main influencing factor behind the conversion. Using GIFs, images, and videos will keep people interested in its content and prevent them from switching to another website without viewing your page in depth.

You need to use multiple lifestyle images from different angles to keep visitors engaged. Nowadays, people are more interested in watching a video about a product or service than reading about it. Including this content yourself could increase your conversion rate.

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7. Write a compelling copy

What you write will or will destroy your landing page. From headline to subtitle to product description, remember that today’s audience doesn’t like too much information.

Keep the copy short and crisp. Adding chips will increase the appeal and make everything more digestible. Stay focused on the problem and its solution, and inspire your visitors to take action.

8. Keep the forms short

Imagine you created a landing page to collect information from visitors. If the form has a long list of fields, users will lose interest in filling it out and all your efforts will be wasted.

Keep your forms short, to the point, and ask for only the information you need. Asking for data, such as a phone number or zip code, can cause visitors to leave the page without completing the form.

9. Focus on your CTA

A call to action (CTA) is a must-have part of a landing page. This is the button people click when they’re ready to accept your offer. The CTA button and its text must be convincing.

Add a CTA button big enough to grab users’ attention. The CTA text should include the value the audience will get by signing up. Use words like Now, Free, and Discount; these will convey a sense of urgency and benefit.

10. Increase confidence with proof

The trust factor plays a vital role in a visitor’s conversion because people think less about buying from a trusted brand. Consider this is the first time your visitor has heard of your brand and you need to earn their trust.

Build trust by displaying customer reviews, testimonials, ratings from popular review sites like TrustPilot, logos of your previous and current popular customers, user stats and media mentions.

11. Optimize page speed

An image illustrating speed optimization

If the page takes hours to load, visitors won’t hesitate to go to your competitor’s website. Make sure that visitors with poor or unstable internet connection can visit your landing page seamlessly as well.

Various factors contribute to page load speed like fast web hosting, compressed images, and updated website elements. Make a checklist and follow it for a fast loading landing page.

12. Use tactics to re-engage users

A landing page is very crucial for sales and conversions. When someone leaves the page without converting, they may not come back. If you don’t want to miss this chance, go for a slightly aggressive strategy and reconnect with them.

When someone is about to leave your page, you can pop a targeted post in front of them. This will make them reconsider their decision.

A design showing a promotional discount code

If you want to generate quick sales for your business, promotional codes and coupons are very effective tools. Most people don’t want to miss out on time-limited specials and quickly opt for the deals. Your landing page should contain various offers, including promo codes and additional incentives.

Since a particular segment of your audience visits these landing pages, these incentives don’t affect your company’s overall marketing strategy.

Create landing pages that wow your audience

A beautiful landing page can inspire visitors to buy your product, get your service, and become subscribers. By following these landing page tips, you can create an eye-catching and transformable landing page for your business.

It is also worth knowing the tips for designing a stunning website while you research landing page strategies. By doing this, you can ensure that new and old customers stay engaged.

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