10 Big Businesses That Succeed in the Python Programming Language

by Apoorva Bellapu

April 17, 2022

Python has been very consistent when it comes to providing solutions to the many challenges faced by businesses. Whether it’s artificial intelligence, development, processing numbers in statistics, or accessing databases, Python does it all. No wonder Python is one of the most popular programming languages ​​in the world. There are many companies that are succeeding with Python. In this article, we will introduce you to the top 10 successful companies in the Python programming language.


Without a doubt, Google is one of the biggest technology companies in the world. The company has grown tremendously, and Python has played an important role in this. Google relies on Python because of its simple nature and relatively faster maintenance.


Netflix, a hugely popular video streaming giant, is an active user of python and its libraries. Python libraries such as SciPy and NumPy play an important role here to perform numerical data analysis.


Words cannot do justice to Amazon’s strength as a market player. Python can be found used on Amazon in a variety of areas, including the recommendation system where Amazon recommends products to customers based on their buying habits.


Who does not know this photo and video sharing platform these days? Another great company that uses Python to achieve maximum operational efficiency is Instagram. Lately, Instagram has moved from python 2 to python 3.


Quora, a hugely popular question and answer platform is built on Python. Quora has adopted a significant number of python libraries such as the pypy and Tornado frameworks. Reduced development time, improved scalability, and developer friendliness with better code readability are some of the many reasons why Quora prefers Python over other programming languages.


Facebook has been recognized as the very first social media platform. This platform became famous in no time. Python, as a programming language, has been the firm’s favorite. Its adoption is one of the main reasons Facebook has grown.


Uber is another global giant that uses Python extensively. The fact that most services for Uber users are powered by calculating ETA, ride fares, etc., Uber-style, is in itself an indication of the critical importance of Python. for this business. No wonder Python has been one of the main reasons for the company’s growth.


Spotify is another prominent company that widely uses Python for many purposes including data analysis, interdepartmental communication, etc. The recommendation system we get in Spotify is the result of adopting Python.

drop box

Python is nothing short of a blessing for this online file sharing and storage company. Dropbox is extremely invested in Python and getting the best out of it.


Reddit, one of the biggest microblogging websites, is very impressed with Python and its vast collection of libraries. Some of the python libraries used by Reddit are rolling pin, monitors, gevent, aws-mfa, pywebpush, and baseplate.py to name a few.

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