About Us


You don’t climb a mountain with one step and much like that you don’t start a company overnight.  With over 10 years experience in Risk Management and Information Security, we have worked with some of the best in the industry in order to develop the expertise that is needed to deliver world class solutions for our clients.  We didn’t start out being consultants either.  All of our consultants begain their careers as infrastructure and systems support personnel so we know what life is like in the trenches.  We then expanded on this foundation by providing mid level consulting for a systems integrator before moving on to provide executive level consulting services for a big four accounting firm. 

Over the years we have conceptualized, implemented and led integrated, enterprise-wide risk management and information security solutions for clients in many different industries to include the federal government, financial, and educational sectors.

We have a demonstrated knowledge of industry, technology, and strategy trends and a successful record delivering comprehensive, integrated solutions into new or existing client environments. Our professionals have interfaced extensively with senior management team on business, system design and technical issues. We have developed the integrated technology requirements project plan, performed advanced diagnostic analytical design to ensure best solution was provided (e.g., complete solution integrity engineering and development attributes), and developed and delivered a national training seminar series


"All Information Systems have a purpose; a reason for being implemented.  It is the job of Information Security to facilitate that purpose while implementing reasonable risk-based and cost-based controls that are appropriate for the information being protected."          Graydon McKee while addressing the 2006 Annual Computer Security Applications Conference


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